Dental Plan Premiums

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  • New members - your new Delta Dental coverage begins January 1.
  • Current members - your Delta Dental coverage automatically renews on January 1.
Invest in Your Healthy Smile

Dental Plan Premiums Investing in a quality dental plan is a good idea. Research shows that families with dental plans are more than twice as likely to obtain the regular, preventive care that is so important for maintaining good oral health and overall health. In addition, families with dental coverage have been shown to have better oral health than those without coverage.

Your dental plan with Delta Dental is designed to provide an affordable way to conveniently access quality dental care and to encourage preventive care. That is why preventive care is covered at 100 percent with no deductible. And, with Healthy Smiles, Healthy Lives benefits as part of your plan, you have preventive coverage with sealants for children and adults, brush biopsy for the easy diagnosis of oral cancer, and additional cleanings if you are at risk from periodontal disease or another health condition.

Enrolled members also have the MAXAdvantage Benefit Option as part of their plan which effectively stretches the subscriber's plan year maximum benefit amount. With MAXAdvantage, most routine preventive care doesn't count against your annual maximum.

Your plan also provides excellent coverage for restorative care (80 percent) and major services (50 percent), which includes endodontic care, periodontic care, and a benefit allowance for implants. If you elect to have an implant, Delta Dental will cover the implant as with other major services, based on the maximum plan allowance for dentures or a partial bridge, subject to your annual maximum. For restorative and major services there is a $50 deductible per person. There is a one-year waiting period for major services; and a portion of or all of that waiting period will be waived with proof of continuous dental coverage for major services immediately prior to enrollment in the MCHCP Delta Dental plan.

In addition, Delta Dental offers assistance on treatment plans, expected fees and out-of-pocket expenses. When you ask your dentist for a "pre-determination" from Delta Dental, we will provide you with a summary of your coverage, expected fees and out-of-pocket expenses.