Product Overview

Each employer group is unique in its characteristics and needs. That’s why our dental plan designs are not one-size-fits-all. Our experienced and expert sales and account management teams will help you develop the right dental plan for your employees.

Having a reliable dental plan in place for your employees removes barriers to receiving preventive care and helps them take steps to improve their oral health, which may result in medical cost savings for members with certain health conditions.

More plan options

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Lives® Benefits

This prevention-focused benefit option improves wellness by increasing coverage for preventive dental care and protection. Based on known links between periodontal disease and overall health, additional cleanings and periodontal maintenance are offered to persons diagnosed with periodontal disease to potentially reduce risks from some illnesses and medical conditions. Learn more about Healthy Smiles, Healthy Lives.

MAXAdvantage? Benefits

Another option for our employer groups that emphasizes the value of prevention, MAXAdvantage? waives your members’ plan year maximum benefit amounts for some diagnostic and preventive care. This saves a member’s annual maximum allowance for other treatments, thereby removing any hesitation to schedule preventive care that would have cut into the maximum plan allowance. Studies indicate that regular visits to the dentist for routine care may reduce program costs over the long term.1 Learn more about MaxAdvantage.

DeltaVision® Eye Health Protection

Health is a total body issue. Eye health also plays an important role in employee productivity and quality of life. Between 50 percent and 90 percent of people who work on computers daily have some type of eye or vision-related problem, accounting for $2 billion in costs for diagnosis and treatment. Uncorrected vision can decrease employee performance by as much as 20 percent, resulting in more than $8 billion in lost productivity each year.2 Learn more DeltaVision®.

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2Vision Council of America, Vision in Business, 2007