MAXAdvantage Benefit Option

MAXAdvantage Benefit Option Encourages Healthy Behavior

The MAXAdvantage Benefit Option that is part of your benefits plan provides state of Missouri members the encouragement to have routine check-up services by waiving reductions to plan year maximum benefit amounts for some diagnostic and preventative care. Delta Dental believes this advantage will help encourage members to visit their dentist for routine care, and thus help improve their oral health and potentially their overall health.

With MAXAdvantage, your covered routine check-ups (typically two per benefit year) will not be deducted from your plan year maximum benefit amount as with many other dental plans.

MAXAdvantage encourages less costly routine care and provides the opportunity to utilize the annual maximum allowance for other treatments.

MAXAdvantage - Easy to Understand and Easy to Use

We believe that the best benefits are often those that are the easiest to understand and use. MAXAdvantage definitely fits the bill. There’s no paperwork for you; no need to track.

We do all the paperwork. Treatment costs, covered amounts, out-of-pocket costs and the plan year maximum benefit amount expended information is always available to you by phone (Benefit24 - 1-866-737-9802), via faxback through Benefit24 or online (Benefit24 Online).

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