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Our DeltaVision® plans, through the Advantica provider network, offer one of the largest proprietary vision networks in the nation, with thousands of independent locations, “big box” value stores and high-end retail optical chains.

Access to care means satisfied members

We understand that access to quality care is a basic component in choosing a vision benefits plan that will satisfy members. We make it easy for you. DeltaVision®, using the Advantica provider network, provides local, regional and national access, ensuring members always have nearby access to a provider. Our member satisfaction surveys consistently show high levels of satisfaction with the availability of a quality provider.

Largest network means maximum choice

The size and range of Advantica’s network mean our DeltaVision members have maximum choice – from professional services to fashion eyewear – from low-cost options to high-end retailers. This provider network offers the vision care our members need, and our clients want them to have.

DeltaVision® providers meet quality standards

Advantica’s provider relations team conducts regular and thorough credentialing that adheres to our state’s regulatory requirements. Rigorous credentialing and re-credentialing of network providers ensure that quality is never a question with DeltaVision®.